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Always Prepared

This book offers clear and credible answers to 20 of the most common questions that Seventh-day Adventists are asked by friends, neighbors, and colleagues regarding our beliefs. The subjects addressed by the contributors include the reliability of the Bible, the evidences provided by archaeology, reasons to believe in God, the uniqueness of Jesus, arguments in favor of His resurrection, miracles, Bible prophecy, the Trinity, the Sabbath,understanding human suffering, Ellen White, etc. Carefully researched, this book is useful to Adventist university students, professionals, local church leaders, and others who wish to have at hand a valuable tool to explain and share their faith convictions.

Edited by Humberto M. Rasi and Nancy J. Vyhmeister

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Humberto M. Rasi, Ph.D., is the author and editor of several books, including Understanding Creation (Adventus catalogue # 17031).

Nancy J. Vyhmeister, Ed.D., is an experienced educator and scholar, author of the books Gramática básica del griego del Nuevo Testamento (catalogue # 03001) and Manual de investigación teológica (#A11001).